Garden City Hot Pot

Garden City Hot Pot

Our friends told us that there are other Dim Place sells Baked BBQ Bun but we just could not find it.  After researching the net, we finally found one and went there last Saturday noon.  We got there around 11:30 and we were seated pretty quickly.  By the time we left, there was already long lineup.

The place offers different types of tea and on the table, there was display explains the strength of each type of tea.  We ordered Wulong and Flower Tea.   We felt cold because of the strong air conditioning.  It would be good if we were eating hot pot but we were not.

The tea came quickly.  Unlike traditional tea pot of tea, the waitress gave us a tea pot of water, two cups of tea and four cups.  We did not know what to do at first.  We had to learn from other tables.  We put all the tea into one of the cup first with the hot water.  We then poured the water to another cup.   It was kind of refreshing way to drink tea for us.

We ordered 5 dishes and each of costs about 4-5 bucks.  In this price range, the food should have higher expectation.  I was kind of disappointed for the baked BBQ Bun which was the main reason we were there.  It had much less BBQ inside than The Empire Garden.  It does not taste as good neither.  We also ordered the shrimp dumpling, shrimp spring roll, beef tripe, and dessert.  All of them were not bad but nothing stood out.



  • Good tea.
  • Strong air conditioning in the summer.
  • Service is good.


  • The food is not worth its price.
  • Should have more items for dim sum (such as beef tenders)



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